Joshua Tree, California

Joshua Tree was the first place we went camping together 5 years ago, being only 2 hours from us in LA, it was always perfect for last minute camping trips, or even just a day trip. It's a jungle gym made of rocks, and we're happy to run around it for days.

This trip that we took here was a little different than others.. We left pretty late in the evening to drive home, and once we arrived, we noticed that our camera bag was missing. The only conclusion was that we left it in the middle of the desert. So we jumped back in the car to make the trek back. Staying positive, we just sang & made up songs the whole way. When we arrived at 3am, it was dark & cloudy, everything looked the same. We waited a few hours until sunrise (which was awesome..too bad we didn't have a camera to photograph it..), and the search began. We ended up finding it not too far off the road, hooray!